Enhancing Portfolio Monetization

Enhancing Portfolio Monetization

Another way Mediplex serves the real estate needs of its healthcare partners is by maximizing potential asset monetization through portfolio enhancement and ownership restructuring. Mediplex effectively fulfills such opportunities by strategically aligning all parties’ interests in a mutually beneficial investment platform planned for flexibility, and designed for programmatic growth.

Whether physician-owned or health system controlled real estate assets, any approach to restructuring a portfolio must meet a variety of complex challenges and evolving situations, including:

  • Monetizing otherwise illiquid capital to invest in essential operations, launch new initiatives, recruit talent, fund capital reserves and finance expansion
  • Strengthening balance sheet and credit rating by reducing or, in some cases, eliminating real estate associated debt
  • Refreshing older facilities by undertaking deferred maintenance and needed capital improvements 
  • Strategically transferring or consolidating ownership among multiple, newly combined entities and facilities
  • Streamlining asset management and financial reporting
  • Repurposing or disposing of functionally or economically obsolete properties
  • Alleviating regulatory concerns and mitigating legal liability 
  • Employing the most tax efficient strategies available
  • Maintaining effective control over core assets
  • Removing the burden of property management
  • Generating wealth through physician co-investment opportunities
  • Facilitating the entry or exit of physician partners in a rational and equitable manner

Based upon each tenant-partner’s unique needs, Mediplex will provide a customized capital solution such as a sale-leaseback, recapitalization, or similar appropriate method. 

Please contact us to learn more about the multiple ways in which Mediplex can help enhance your existing portfolio or develop a strategy for monetizing current assets.