Meaningful partnerships for growth

MPG Impact Development

Our mission is to thoughtfully develop and acquire properties delivering essential human services and making interrelated social impacts in the education, healthcare, and senior housing sectors.

MPG Impact Development (MPG) concentrates on overlooked real estate opportunities that improve the well-being of surrounding neighborhoods and anchor institutions, while still generating significant investment value.  These projects not only meet the needs for our users and operators, but simultaneously strive to exceed the aesthetic norms of the locales in which we work, often contributing to the revitalization of blighted or commercially neglected neighborhoods.  By means of strategic alliances with non-profit/not-for-profit entities, dedicated service providers, highly experienced operators, and governmental agencies, we aim to develop long term real estate solutions that are value-aligned, socially responsible and economically sustainable. 

MPG partners with small to medium-sized institutions of higher learning that seek to monetize underutilized real estate assets, upgrade or replace aging buildings, or construct new income-producing facilities to meet changing demands, all the while preserving their own long-term control, diversifying revenues and conserving scarce capital.  This manifests by strategizing with an institution’s leadership in a way that prioritizes a respectful understanding of its people, culture, heritage, academic objectives, financial goals, and growth opportunities.  

As one example of this collaborative approach, MPG recently restructured the ownership, financing and leasing of an existing student apartment complex so that the economics for the college were transformed from perennial operating losses to predictable, annually escalating profits for decades to come.  This occurred in part by transforming the property into a mixed-use building and producing third-party commercial tenant income from a regional health system, with the accompanying benefit of providing quality healthcare to the entire community. 

Another instance of impact development entailed jointly acquiring a long-dormant warehouse on the periphery of our college partner’s campus.  After undergoing a complete interior renovation, the building primarily serves as a state-of-the-art training facility, life sciences lab and technology innovation center for a growing subsidiary of the university, an internationally renowned high school STEAM program.   This property is now considered the prototype for future programmatic expansion in addressing the requirements of local and regional school districts.

Health Care
Through its affiliate, Mediplex Property Group, MPG Impact Development builds upon an extensive and reputable legacy of serving the healthcare needs of communities through the creation of mission critical clinics, as well as both specialty and multi-disciplined outpatient medical centers.  MPG’s intention is to broaden this focus, identifying synergies wherever possible to leverage economic and social impact via mutually reinforcing co-location within senior housing complexes, student residence halls, and other targeted community developments.

Our holistic vision of community health gravitates towards integrative facilities housing providers of basic human services that also offer excellent educational resources, reliable access to medical treatment, and well-planned housing at key points along the life-span continuum.

In addition to working with traditional healthcare providers and institutional clientele, MPG actively pursues meaningful relationships with well-regarded, mission-driven operators of senior housing.

Affordable, Senior Rental Housing
With the Social Security Administration forecasting that more than 10,000 people per day turn 65 in the United States, the surging demand for quality, affordable rental housing for seniors is expected to persist for decades to come.  As more people transition into age-restricted settings, considerable investment is being made in the high-end segment of this market while the much greater demand for affordable alternatives remains imperative yet underserved.

MPG’s experience in owning and constructing high density residential properties – coupled with the expertise of highly experienced, compassionate operators of independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities – makes our company uniquely poised to address this unmet need.  Moreover, MPG’s background and network of relationships in healthcare and higher education constitute a distinct advantage, potentially introducing added value to the target population through on-site, outpatient medical care or lifelong learning programs.