Tenant Co-investment

Tenant Co-Investment

Mediplex has consistently achieved positive investment returns for its partners by combining market intelligence, creative deal structuring, and an adherence to a disciplined, risk-adjusted investment thesis founded upon:

  • Identifying acquisition, development or redevelopment opportunities that create or add value for all stakeholders
  • Offering anchor tenants the financial benefits available from becoming limited partners in the real estate they occupy
  • Maintaining standards of excellence in planning, construction and asset management
  • Imposing rigorous measures of cost control and risk mitigation in all phases of the project lifecycle
  • Cultivating beneficial co-tenancy in properties through select relationships with financially-sound and synergistic users
  • Growing income through long-term leases reflective of trusted relationships over repeat assignments
  • Focusing on resilient, niche healthcare real estate sectors with ongoing, growing demand for services
  • Utilizing debt financing in a prudent manner that avoids overleverage
  • Considering a property’s intrinsic value to future-proof long-term values created by re-positioning or divesting an asset

Other advantages of co-investing with an experienced development partner like Mediplex include:

  • Aligning the interests of ownership and tenant
  • Enhancing flexibility in long-term planning through preferential expansion rights and other means
  • Offering practices a valuable financial incentive to attract and retain top physician talent
  • Diversifying and augmenting passive revenue streams